This is the developer documentation for Omeka Classic. If you’re working on an Omeka theme or plugin, or on Omeka itself, you’ve come to the right place.

For documentation for end-users and site administrators, or for information about older Omeka versions, please visit the Omeka Classic Documentation instead. For information about Omeka S, please visit the Omeka S pages

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Create a Collection

Collections are «buckets» that will store your items together in one place and allow you to find them quickly.

Add an Item from your computer

Step 1: Go to the Items screen

  1. Log into your Omeka site to go to your Dashboard
  2. Select «Items» from the left-hand menu
  3. Click the green «Add an Item» button above the list of items
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Step 2: Add Item metadata

  1. Look at the navigation bar under the page title «Add an Item» to make sure you are in the «Dublin Core» section
  2. Fill in the necessary fields such as Title, Creator, Source, etc.
  3. Optional: Click the «Use HTML» box below a field to get a WYSIWYG editor box for adding hyperlinks or other HTML code

Step 3: Upload your file

  1. Click on «Files» in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the «Browse» button to select and add a file from your computer.
  3. Optional: Click «Add another file» if your item is composed of more than one file (example: the front and back of a postcard, a video file with a text transcript)
  4. Click the «Public» box below the «Add Item» button on the right to make your item visible
  5. Select a collection from the drop-down menu on the right
  6. Click the green «Add Item» button

Add Videos from YouTube

You can import videos directly from YouTube using «YouTube Import» in the left navigation bar.

Enter the URL for the YouTube video and assign it to your collection using the drop-down menu.

Metadata (Title, etc.) for the video will be pulled from YouTube but you should review and clean up the metadata after import. To do this, find the newly imported YouTube video by going to the «Items» screen using the left navigation bar.

Add Images from Flickr

You can import images directly from Flickr using «Flickr Import» in the left navigation bar.

Enter the URL for a single image and assign it to your collection using the drop-down menu.

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Metadata (Title, etc.) for the image will be pulled from Flickr but you should review and clean up the metadata after import. To do this, find the newly imported Flickr image by going to the «Items» screen using the left navigation bar.

Creative Commons:

By default, a Flickr search will retrieve items of «Any license.» We recommend limiting your Flickr search to «All creative commons» to find only items that have a Creative Commons (CC) license.

You can also use the Creative Commons Search to find CC licensed images in Flickr and other sources.

Head, Digital Scholarship Services

What is Omeka?

Omeka is an open-source web publishing platform for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.

What kind of projects is it suited for?

Omeka is perfect for creating and hosting online digital collections, including collections of images, texts, or audio recordings. It’s also an ideal tool for object study type assignments due to it’s exhibit features.

Omeka Classic also works with a few advanced plugins, notably Neatline (for timeline and map-based exhibits) and Curatescape (for walking-tour style, or place-based exhibits).

Which version should I use?

There’s more than one version of Omeka and which one to use will depend on how you plan to use it!

  1. allows you to quickly create an Omeka site that they host and administer. This service is free (although there are paid options), however there are some limitations in customizability, plugins, and themes.
  2. (also known as Omeka Classic) is the version that you administer yourself. You can either download and host it on your own hosting service or through a tool such as MAMP, or through NYU Libraries’ free Web Hosting service.
  3. Omeka S is the newest version of Omeka and it allows users to create and manage many sites with a single streamlined installation. It is designed for for institutions interested in connecting digital cultural heritage collections with other resources online and thus somewhat more complex to use. Like Omeka Classics, this version requires that you use a hosting service.
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Unsure which one is right for you or your class? Ask your Digital Scholarship Librarian!

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